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    Portland Budtender – Location opening fall 2022

Job Summary 


The Budtenders on staff are the faces of Diem’s brand. They greet each customer that walks through the door and ensures that everyone leaves knowing we did our best to make them happy. To be a successful Budtender at Diem, you should have a passion for customer service and a desire to make a positive impact. Budtenders have five (5) Essential Functions to accomplish this, and with an emphasis on these five essentials we can ensure our customers are delivered quality products and services. 


Essential Functions 

  • Service walk-in or pick-up customers depending on where stationed 
  • Answer phone calls according to Phone Etiquette Guidance
  • Proactively participate in Sanitation Procedures of the facility to ensure compliance with COVID-19 laws and regulations
  • Execute and submit the daily budtending checklists
  • Assist Specialists and Management with completing their objectives as requested 


Additional Tasks and Requirements


  • Understand how to properly handle cash and inventory in accordance with Diem’s written operating procedures
  • Always stay up to date with evolving company policies and procedures by attending weekly Level 10 meetings and reviewing policy updates in a timely manner
  • Stay up to date with OLCC compliance 
  • Document all topics and durations of undergone training while on the job
  • Maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere for our guests and coworkers
  • Hold Diem’s showroom to a high standard of cleanliness; avoid using devices for personal reasons, eating food on the line, and generally any conduct that is unproductive
  • Work on being well versed in product knowledge through Learn Brands, understanding business practices, and seeking mentors in the company.
    • Report any inventory or cash discrepancies, time off requests, product returns to management through applicable tools and forms:
      • Cash Discrepancy Tool
      • Item Discrepancy Tool
      • Time Card Discrepancy Tool
      • Product Return Tool  


    Applicable Training

    All budtenders are expected to record at least 8 hours of annual training for all budtending functions. These functions include but are not limited to customer service, cash and inventory handling, compliance, and security protocols. All training shall be conducted by the Store Manager, the HR Assistant or their assignees in Specialist or other Management positions. All training must be documented in the employee’s training log for sufficient record keeping.

    Certifications:  OLCC Workers Permit


    Essential Skills and Strengths 

    Strong verbal communication skills, strong teamwork skills and positive relations skills to be successful. Self-motivated and has the ability to work independently and make decisions. Utilizes time effectively to complete unfinished tasks within an organization. Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented. Pleasant, professional, and personable. Excellent customer service skills.

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