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    Retail Store Manager Portland

Job Summary 

Store Management 

The Store Manager is the person that is ultimately responsible for the complaint and efficient operations of the dispensary. All employees in the dispensary report directly to this person. They should be expert delegators, utilizing their leads and specialists to accomplish day-to-day tasks with limited supervision. This allows Store Management to focus on the larger tasks, while only having to check-in on the day-to-day. They will schedule all employees and tasks for the week and then utilize their support staff to execute on that strategy. The ultimate goal of Store Management is to grow the revenue of the store within a compliant framework and in sustainable fashion. 

Store Managements Primary Tasks/Responsibilities include but are not limited to: – Executive SOP manager for the shop  license 

– Local owner of Diem’s National Operations Strategy 

– Primary Metrc, Flowhub, Dutchie, Gusto, WheniWork, Company Dashboard admin – Inventory expansion planning and ordering 

– Daily check-ins with Specialists and Leads 

– Employee Management and Corrective Action 

– Employee engagement and celebration of successes 

-Employee delegation and promotion 

– Facilitator and scribe of the weekly Local Level 10 meeting and

Dashboard tab – Leading the weekly Local Specialists meeting 

– Utilizing Diem Dashboard to raise concerns/problems to CEO/Portland-HQ; 

Participant in the National Level 10 Meeting; relaying and actioning tasks and initiatives from Diem Leadership call to the team 


– Relaying and articulating company priorities and focus to the team 

– Ensuring all municipal and state annual reporting deliverables are met before deadlines 

– Preventing the diversion of product from the store by regularly monitoring inventory and cash tracking video footage 


– Overseeing compliant record keeping of all invoices, manifests, and personnel files – Overseeing proper inventory intake and posting for sale 

– Overseeing intelligent scheduling 

– Overseeing the proper execution of bi-weekly payroll processing 

– Overseeing the continuous operation of the store’s API and digital menus 

– Overseeing store countdowns, cash audits, and cash pickups from 3rd party couriers 

– Overseeing store conformity to COVID-19 state and local health authority guidelines and policies 

– Local landlord point of contact 

– Local Security Alarm point of contact 

– Local Bank and Card Processor point of contact 

– Local ATM point of contact 

– Local Commission Staff point of contact 

Store management will work from the “Management Checklist” and report incomplete tasks to the national leadership call weekly. The expectation is that store management each spend at a minimum 40 hours per week in the dispensary. They should also expect to receive tasks outside of the dispensary day-to-day from Senior Leadership that may require additional hours inside or outside of the store. This is why store management positions are salaried. 


Management Checklist 

Daily Tasks: 

– Check with Closing Lead for completeness of previous close 

– Work with Closing Lead to troubleshoot misses, action plan 

– Check with Opening Lead for completeness of today’s open 

– Work   Opening Lead to troubleshoot misses, action plan 

– Meet with each Specialist, troubleshoot checklist issues 

– Process intakes, to Inventory Specialist for stickering & stocking 

– Supply Chain online networking and inventory ordering 

– Communicate needs to Portland HQ 

– Work on items from Diem Dashboards 


Weekly Tasks (complete once per week): 

– Local Level 10 Meeting Facilitator 

– Employee Scheduling 

– Input on Diem Dashboard, and attendance on National call 

– Ensure all waste is properly secured and moved out on trash day 

– Order any supplies needed (receipt paper, printer paper, etc.) 

– Confirm sufficient and compliant record keeping of documents from the previous week. Occasional Tasks (on demand) 

– Employee growth and IDP conversations when needed 

– Employee Corrective Action conversations when needed 

– Interviewing and Hiring when needed 

– Work on items from previous Internal Compliance Audit 

-Manager Support Time (scheduled employee shadowing and support) 

Essential Functions 


  1. Maintain the overall culture of the store in a manner that is aligned with the company’s vision.
  2. Ensure that all Standard Operating Procedures are being followed by staff.
  3. Work closely with Diem Management to effectively manage the entity’s supply chain, cash flow, and overall growth.
  4. Maintain up-to-date, accurate, and uniform menus in-store and online.
  5. Coordinate all scheduling and staffing.
  6. Develop and maintain IDPs with everyone on staff and help them achieve their goals.
  7. Execute applicable cash handling procedures.
  8. Serve the employees and customers by troubleshooting retail issues. 
  9. Work with staff to execute the Operations Checklists day to day. 
  10. Facilitate weekly meetings with team members.
  11.  Present weekly financial reports to management and direct reports
  12. Handle any staffing issues including corrective action and termination
  13. Respond to any work related correspondence within 24 hours. 
  14. Process all payroll and time off requests

Certifications: Leafly Budtender Certification


Essential Skills and Strengths 

Strong written and verbal communication skills, strong teamwork skills and positive relations skills to be successful. Self-motivated and has the ability to work independently and make decisions. Utilizes time effectively to complete unfinished tasks within organization. Excellent organizational skills, detail oriented. Pleasant, professional, and personable. Able to work well under pressure, resolve conflicts, prioritize tasks, and follow through with ideas. Ability to lead and motivate a team. 

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